Nargiza and Logan are high school sweethearts. They both attendant The Barstow School in Kansas City, MO. Junior year of high school they were in the same history class and that is when Logan locked eyes with Nargiza and from that day on the rest was history. 

High-school soon came to an end and unlike most high school relationships theirs did not. With their busy college lives they still found time to grow their love for each other and did four years of long distance, with Logan coming and visiting Nargiza every chance he got. But soon enough they both graduated from college, packed their bags and moved to Dallas mid pandemic. August 29th. 2020 Logan got down on one knee and asked Nargiza to spend the rest of their lives together. Three years later and one long engagement they are both extremely excited to celebrate their most special day with all of their friends, family, and loved ones!